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 Review the available list growth tools

 Select the list growth tool that will work best for you


Starting out with no contacts, or wanting to grow an already established base? It is important to bring in new customers or donors, as well as keep in touch with existing audiences. That’s why we have a variety of options for growing and managing your contact base.


To start off, you may want to consider the most used options for growing contact lists - including integrated forms, manual imports, and other methods. Keep in mind what kind of information you’re wishing to collect from your contacts beyond their email address. For example, if you want to send more personalized emails, you may want to collect basic info like their name. You could also collect information such as their location or product preferences.


If you have experience with coding, you can install pop-up, banner, flyout, and/or inline forms on your website. These forms adopt styling from your site, so it meshes well with your overall layout, collects a variety of contact info, and allows contacts the ability to select which lists they want to be on (if you allow the option).


If coding isn’t your jam, or you need to add a direct sign up form link to web pages meant for redirecting or social engagement, then our landing page forms will be just what you need. Once published, they are granted their own unique URLs, which you can customize to a degree, and can be shared anywhere.


If you’re looking to expand your reach to social media, then you want to consider social lead ads as a means of growing your contacts. You can set preferred audiences for the platform to target, so you’re advertising to demographics more likely to be interested in seeing more material from you.


For those with physical storefronts and offices that your audience can visit, or if you’re attending conferences, you’ll want to consider offering a way for them to sign up in-person, such as through the ListBuilder app for tablets. 


Some people prefer the classic method of simple pen-and-paper, too!


Now that you've started growing your audience, we recommend creating a welcome email to greet them, but you can also jump to creating your first email campaign, as well!

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