V1 (XML) API Documentation


V1 Wrapper Libraries


These libraries wrap around all of Constant Contact's V1 API functionality, giving you easy to use classes which will save you time and effort in developing your integration.


ColdFusion Wrapper Library - Compatible with ColdFusion 9, ColdFusion 8 Beta available

PHP Wrapper Library - Compatible with PHP 5+

C#.NET Library - Compatible with .NET 2.0+


PHP OAuth2 Example - Use this if you are having trouble authenticating using OAuth2 (or just want a simple example of how to do it).


V1 Documentation



  API Quick Reference
  Contacts Overview
  Contact Lists Overview
  Contact Lists Subscriptions Overview
 Email Campaigns Overview
 Email Campaign Results Overview
 Account Information Overview
  Event Marketing Overview
  Bulk Imports/Exports Overview
  Images Overview
  Authentication Overview


Account Information

Account Email Addresses Collection
Account Email Addresses Resource
Retrieving Account Email Addresses


Bulk Activity: Collection of Activities
Creating an Export Contacts Activity
Creating a Clear Contacts Activity
Creating an Add Contacts/Remove Contacts Activity



Authenticating Requests with OAuth 2.0 - NEW
Authenticating Requests with OAuth 1.0a
Basic Authentication Over HTTPs

Email Campaigns

Campaign Resource
Campaign Sample Forms in .NET Getting Started with Email Campaign
Campaign Sample Forms in PHP Managing Email Campaigns
Campaigns Collection
Creating a Campaign
Listing Campaigns
Obtaining a Campaign's Information
Scheduling and Sending a Campaign
Updating a Campaign



Adding a Contact to Lists
Creating a New Contact
Listing Contacts
Obtaining a Contact's Information
Updating / Opting-in a Contact
Opting-out a Contact
Removing a Contact
Searching for a Contact by Email Address
Searching for Contacts by Last Updated Date (Synchronizing Contacts)

Contacts Collection and Resource


Event Marketing

Obtaining a List of Events
Obtaining Details of an Event
Obtaining a List of Registrants for an Event
Obtaining Details of a Registrant
Managing Events
Managing Registrants
Registrants Collection and Resource
Events Collection and Resource


Contact and Campaign Events

Campaign Events Resource
Contact Events Service
Get Contact Event Details (Sends, Clicks, etc) Code Snippet


Getting Started

(External) References of Interest
API Keys
Code Samples
ColdFusion Sample Documentation
Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG)
Contact Us
Error Codes
Getting Started with the Constant Contact AppConnect APIs
Getting Started with the Sample Upload Forms in PHP
How To Use RESTClient
Sample Upload Forms in .NET Getting Started with the Upload Forms in .NET
Service Document
Tips, Tricks and Known Issues Using the WebServices APIs

Folders/Images - RETIRED as of 8/22/2014 - No Longer Functional

Folder Collection and Resource - RETIRED
Image Collection and Resource - RETIRED
Managing Images - RETIRED


Contact List Members Collection
Contact List Resource
Creating a New List
Get Contact List Members Code Snippet
Retrieving a Contact List Collection
Retrieving an Individual List
Updating a List

Community Knowledge Base

Learning & Resources

We take questions asked by customers on the Community and expand on them to help you find answers fast, getting you back to using Constant Contact's suite of amazing tools in no time.

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