Allow customization of mobile view

Currently, emails are automatically configured for mobile view. However, this feature has errors and is aesthetically unpleasing. I would love to see the ability to edit/customize both the desktop and mobile views.

Status changed to: Voting Open

I completely agree with this. I would love to see this as an option. A lot of our photos appear too large and overshadow the content of the email. Would really love to see this change!! 

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

There haven't been any additional votes on this topic since it was posted so it is being marked as closed. If you would still like to see this feature or have new feedback please let us know! 

We're still interested in this feature, even though you guys think nobody's interested. :smileyface: When we use a staggered layout - image to the right of text in one row, image to the left in the row below, etc. the mobile view puts it as follows: Image, text, text, image, image, text, text, image... etc.


Would love to be able to tweak the mobile layout so it's: image, text, image, text, image, text.


Make sense?

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Exactly! I'm surprised this isn't already a feature, especially considering the majority of Constant Contact emails (60.03% on average in January 2018) are opened on mobile devices AND a Constant Contact study found that 75% of users are "highly likely" to delete an email if it isn't optimized for mobile viewing!




Yes please make editing available in mobile view. You might look at how WIX handles the same issue for their web building tool. Thank you.


It'd be nice to have the option of stacking vs not stacking on mobile, as well as to control the image size on mobile. 


Yes to mobile view editing!!!

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It would be extremely helpful if you could make changes to the mobile version separately from the desktop version. The automatic generation of the mobile version often looks incorrect and unpleasant compared to the desktop version.  I would like to be able to change the alignments, ordering of the mobile version to have it be more aesthetically pleasing and fit the formatting better.


Yes please fix this issue, every other email composer that exists can prevent rows from stacking. How come Constant Contact cannot


I am new here and I am surprised that we do not have the ability to edit for Mobile versus Desktop views. This is something that all email marketing program should allow. I don't think it's that hard to program in!! Please reconsider having this option! Thank you.

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I saw this idea posted in 2011 and unfortunately, it was closed due to a lack of votes. With the current COVID 19 situation many are turning to services like these to send information to their customers, but when I create a lovely email and view it on my phone it looks horrible and quite unprofessional - there needs to be a seperate customization view for how your email will be viewed on mobile phones. It is 2020 and most folks are using their phones to check emails. 


I would love the option to have the mobile view or not. The email looks great without the mobile view and still functions fine! Any chance this will be addressed? Im seeing years worth of customers asking! 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @AnnaE962 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We are re-opening this idea so other users can weigh in as well. The more requests we receive from users, the higher a priority features are given.


Yes please to mobile photo editing! The auto-formatting has a hard time resizing on our images and it is very frustrating. Does anyone know of other platforms that allow mobile version editing? Might need to transition since most people open emails on their phones?

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We see the ability to edit a Mobile version of emails as critical at this point. Please don't mistake the lack of votes or comments posted here as anything other than many don't know about this board or have the time to post here. 

Most other major email programs now have this feature. We need it here and until we get it more than half of our emails are looking poorly formatted to our customers since more than half open the emails on their mobile devices. 

Please help! Thank you!


This is an important feature CC needs to add to their service, although based on the age of the above comments.. doesn't seem very likely. This should be a basic feature. It is honestly unbelievable after 4 years of requests from customers there is no feature that even closely resembles mobile view editing. It is frustrating when I spend time crafting an email and it ends up looking completely crazy on a mobile devise. Please consider adding this feature ASAP.

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