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It would make life much simpler if you could make it so that, on the templates, our business info is automatically added at the bottom, rather than us having to delete "Business name, email, phone, address". Also, it'd be simpler if there is a space for the logo at the top of the template, if that was automatically filled with our logo that is on file rather than us having to go through and change it .... for example, instead of saying Susie's Spa and I have to go in and click change, find my logo, select it, insert and resize it...if it was automatically populated. We like to save time and these are things that get a bit tedious after a while. Thanks for listening!



Hi @TonyandPatriciaB  thank you for sharing your feedback on this. The good news is you can upload your logo in the My Settings section of your account. Do this allows it to appear by default in all of your newly created campaigns.

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So I responded to this but I don't know if I emailed it but my response isn't showing.I've uploaded  my logo long ago and it does not show by default in the campaigns, especially ones that are prefilled with an example such as "donnies donuts" (no that's not an actual template but you get the gist). Also, at the base of the template where it asks for address, email etc. I'm not talking about underneath the whole email where Constant Contact fills in info, I'm talking about in the actual body of the email template. 

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