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Hi, I would like for a new feature to be added to ConstantContact email marketing. I would like for compaign after being sent to be hosted and veiwed as an webpage for people and organizations that do not allow HTML format email to be viewed. Most US Federal government email servers do not allow for emails to be viewed as HTML, most of them allow plain text or rich text format which sending out a webinar annoucement or newsletter in HTML format can be quite challenging. I fully under the archieving feature but I think having this email viewed on a web page would great addition as a service offering and differentiate over other email marketing platforms.
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Hi @Kris21  thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Currently users have the ability to insert a view as webpage link when creating emails. You also have the option of sharing the permanent URL of your email campaign once it has been sent. Do either of these options help fit your needs?

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