Disgusted at Constant Contact

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We have been subscribers to Constant Contact since the beginning and truly frustrated with the service.  The new design format is terrible--not user friendly, not intuitive and difficult to navigate, cumbersome.  Why on earth did you change what worked.


Furthermore, for nearly 3 years we have alerted Constant Contact about a serious bug which occurs when a user misspells a word.  This must happen often when one strikes the wrong key, or just gets the spelling of a specific word wrong.  The service correctly points out the misspelled word by underlining the word in red.  When the user selects the word, and right clicks one's mouse, a dropdown list of corrected word spellings appears.  If the user selects the correct word, rather than  insert the correct word--the entire paragraph in which the misspelled word was placed in disappears.


Our monthly bill is over $100 per month and we are definitely not getting our benefit of the bargain.  We've run this up the support chain over the phone with promises to address the bug that have gone unheeded.  After Constant Contact's many mergers what typically spells doom for a company is when you forget your customers and fail to address their needs.  We are actively looking elsewhere and disgusted at the failure to address a critical bug that must be affecting ALL of your customers.  How difficult could it possibly be for your engineers to fix this--clearly not a priority after 3 years of complaints from us.


Goodbye Constant Contact--you've lost a great customer.

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Hi @NHS thank you for sharing this feedback with us! In fact, what about our updated design format do you find to not be user friendly? We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience, so any further details you can share is helpful information to track with our Product Team.


As for your experience with misspelled words, it's important we point out Constant Contact does not offer a spell check feature within our system. This tool is instead offered by your internet browser. What browser are you working in? Do you still see entire paragraphs disappear when working in a different browser? We also recommend pasting your text into a fresh new text block as plain text (right-click and select paste as plain text or use Control + Shift + V). Does this workaround help?


I use Grammarly and am very familiar with the bug OP is describing. It's exactly as described. You choose the correct spelling, and poof, there goes everything. 


I have had numerous incidents of entire text blocks permanently disappearing when attempting to take a subhead and and inserting it in another part of the text block. Poof, gone and undo does not bring it back. I have resorted to grabbing text blocks and saving them in a Word file as a safety backup. On Mac...

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