Include pre-selected lists when copying a sent email

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I have a suggestion regarding copying emails. It would be very helpful and save large amounts of time if when copying an email (to include event emails) that was previously sent to designated lists, that the lists to which the email was sent were also copied. This would eliminate me from having to add each list everytime I am sending a copied email to the same group. Of course, I would still want to be able to add and remove any lists after making the copy.  Please let me know if this is something that can be integrated into your system. I use another emailing system that does exactly as I am suggesting and it is very helpful. Thanks

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I hate this idea. I copied an email to keep the formatting and just wanted to change the message. I didn't notice that the lists were automatically copied as well so the list went out to the wrong people with the exact opposite message I wanted them to receive. Very frustrating. Unless its a party invite, your contact lists should be ever evolving.

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