Make the Unsubscribe sentence bilingual

Hello Constant Contact,

I love that the Unsubscribe sentence is hardwired into your template. However, it would be even better for Canada if it was bilingual in French and English, or if there was a way to choose a French option for this.

Thank you!


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I would like to be able to have a bilingual message also, but Spanish would be the second language I would choose, so this is a great idea as long as we can select the language. It truly is a pain to have to change the account settings when you send a mailing in another language.


Or make it optional dependent of the receivers langauge...

Agreed - language choice has big impact. Not having the it be bilingual or at least in French may actually be a legal issue if sent to addresses in Quebec.

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In the 'old days' I used to switch the account language to French before sending a French campaign. That got to be too tedious and I had to stop caring. That situation applies to many things about CC unfortunately.

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Ayva, you have really nailed it with your comment that "had to stop caring" applies to way too many things about CC these days. I don't know what thing will finally push me over the edge--may be when they eliminate phone support completely. I hate that they even eliminated it on the weekend but have gotten through it with difficulty. That phone support is one of the big things that distinguishes CC from others, imho.


But on the language issue, they redeisgned the whole interface, I don't see why they couldn't have built in a checkbox to pick the language you want the account info to appear in. Seems so obvious since they already have the options, to just let the account select it right from the start and have it apply to a particular email.




Hello everyone thank you all for the feedback and I apologize for any frustration you may be having with changing the language of the unsubscribe text in the footer of your campaigns. You can change the language of the unsubscribe text that displays in your account by changing the Language setting on the My settings page. Here is a knowledge base article that will walk you through the steps.

There have also been a few comments about allowing the unsubscribe text to display in multiple languages in the same campaign or make it based of the recipient language which unfortunately is not currently possible. It is a great idea which I can bring up to the product team.

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