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With this day and age, I would think that most people check their emails from their mobile phone. Your system does not allow to add a href for a phone number example: (333) 444-5555 I get an invalid url error and it will not let me save my changes. Please let me know if you update your system in the future. Thank you!


Here we are in 2021 and constant contact still does not have this feature available? Disappointing. 

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi @TheDermCenterglowMD we apologize for any inconvenience from this feature not being available! We do however have a potential solution that we plan on testing out with a small group of customers. Once we're able to confirm it works as expected we'll be able to roll it out to a wider audience. While we don't have an exact ETA yet, we will reach back out to this thread with any further updates.

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Hi, I tried to find the way to add a button so people can call us right away from the mail. Sadly I got to know there is no way, after researching.
In our lead management process, is Highly important to have a call from our leads, so missing this option is a huge gap in the process we are trying to have when using CC. I would really appreciate if this is a topic to be implemented soon as is an important piece (and we thought we had) when choosing our mailing tool.


Hard to believe this feature has been requested for over 6 years.  This is a basic feature of all digital marketing campaigns. You can't even use HTML as a hack work around - unbelievable! 90% of our target market are contractors at a job site so all are accessing our email marketing from their phone.  Looks like we will have to find a different solution. Really disappointing Constant Contact!

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Agree, please add this option.


Is this capability still not available?

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