New Editor is buggier than the old one!

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The new editor is absolutely horrible!  It has more bugs than the old editor and the bugs in the old editor haven't been fixed in the new one.


Where's the toolbar?  Oh, it scrolled OFF the page!!!


Want to copy and paste?  Not unless you want the whole screen to scroll on its own.


Liked your defaults?  Too bad.  Defaults are different now.


Liked a particular font?  Too bad.  They reorganized the font list.


Everything takes longer now and is more frustrating than ever.


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Thanks for sharing this feedback with us!  What browser are you working in? Are you having this is experience in more than one campaign? On more than one browser or even a private/incognito window?

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seriously?  have you tried the new editor?  it is so full of bugs.  you can't even paste without the entire page scrolling...the toolbar is typically off the page and you have to scroll to adjust is horrible and obviously never tested with real customer usage, if it was tested at all...god forbid you hit delete and all of your formatting is hosed too...don't deny.  everyone knows it is buggy.  the chat reps don't even argue about it anymore.  refund calls to billing have increased so much that you can't get thru to billing at all.  y'all should get this fixed or revert back to the old less buggy editor before you bankrupt the company from issuing credits and customers leaving completely.


@user513211 I moved your response from another thread into this post so we can keep our conversation organized. I think we have two issues here.


The pasting and scrolling could be caused by code that our editor does not accept. I suggest pasting the text into a Notepad document to erase any problematic formatting.


With the toolbar, this tends to happen with text boxes that have large amounts of text or large font sizes. The toolbar is designed to show at the top of blocks and you can break up these blocks to have a better editing experience or adjust your formatting. Does taking either of these steps help?


unbelievable!  these are bugs.  just fix them.  don't give us workarounds for your lack of testing.  i confirm the same issues.


and no, the pasting is from constant contact to constant contact, good try at blaming the user though.  (unless it is your formatting causing the issue)


why do i have to redo my text boxes because your editor is now broken?




this is a weak response.  we don't need workarounds.  we need a functioning product.  and you obviously need some q/a testers.

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