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Constant Contact should have a platform that supports being able to upload videos into a newsletter and then have the videos play directly on the publication as soon as the recipient opens it.


It would be incredibly valuable if we could embed a video to just start playing within the email vs. take recipients to a separate tab to view the video. Having them view the video in as less links and time spent as possible within the email would be a great user experience for all who interact with Constant Contact emails. It's often easy for someone to open a new tab within several other open tabs, then forget about the video and close it out later. This upgraded capability would enhance our marketing and help us better achieve our team goals. 


I want my video to autoplay on the email not to link out to Vimeo.

I added ?autoplay=1 and it's not working. Is there anything else that I need to do?


There isn't a way to auto-play videos within emails. We ask for additional comments and votes be left on the open idea for autoplaying videos in a campaign. Our Product team regularly reviews our Feedback boards more than our Get Help area. Though we do not have a time estimate of if a feature like this will be available in the product, any updates will be posted there, not on this post. Voting and commenting on that post allows you to be notified of replies.


For the time being however, video links can only redirect - whether through a video block (functions essentially the same as a thumbnail on YouTube or Vimeo), image, text, or a button.

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I agree


I am trying to insert a video from my Vimeo account directly. What I get when I put in the URL it defaults to my Vimeo account. I would like to have the video play with out all the Video account information coming up.


Any suggestions?



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I want this, too! Please make it happen.
Pastor ToddR814367139
Please add to your platform the ability to imbed a video in the body, similar to.
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Agreed! Not ideal


Hello @LauraS25,


Thank you for your feedback! 


Yes please autoplay videos in emails.


I see the request for being able to play video within the email message (as opposed to taking people to a different location like YT or Vimeo) has been there since 2017-2018, but it's still not available in 2022!


Is there any chance of this happening soon?

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