Show hex code in color picker

Hello, I would like to suggest that you enhance your product so that it will provide an ID# with each font color box.  It is almost impossible to disquinquish between very similar colors when one is attempting to match font's in another portion of the document.  For example, blacks and dark blues are very hard to distinquish.


I realize that one can go to "more colors" see an font code but it is not clear if that font code is for the spectrum of the font one is actually using.  


Hope this makes sense, this needs to be improved.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @GVGardeners. I can see how it would be useful and more intuitive to see the hex code on the color picker without having to show "More Colors". I'll open the idea up for voting. 

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It is extremely difficult to discern differences in the color of similar hues. So having an ability to just make sure the font your using matches the others in your document with a number would be a wonderful enhancement.

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This is one of my pain points each time I build an email. 

Thank you.

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