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I have found this program very intuitive to use HOWEVER having no spellcheck is a big inconvenience. It would make a huge difference to my experience if it were reintroduced.


Please consider putting in a grammar and spell check as part of the software. It will be very useful. Also, it would be great if the spacing tool for paragraphing could be refined. Thanks.

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Is there an option for spell check on campaigns? I spelled 'reduced' wrong in the subject line and it went as 'redcued'....without a highlight of the misspelling. It would be helpful to have a spell check tool - if there is one already, please advise. Thank you! Denise Boulet Hayes & Sherry

Hi @DeniseB662 at this time our campaigns do not come in with a built-in spell check. This is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. Because of this we have merged your post into a larger thread for this request.


It would be helpful and VERY beneficial if spell check was activated to check spelling in the subject line. 


For anyone working in chrome, the Grammarly is a decent workaround.  It even catches errors in Constant Contact's default textblock copy.

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