Time Scheduled column for list of all emails

We have a survey going out for every course at our annual meeting and I need to be able to check at a glance if everything is lined up for the right time throughout the day. Can we get a column for the time an email is scheduled for so I don't have to open each one?


When looking at campaigns we would like to see the date AND time that an email is scheduled - as well as the time and date that an email was previously sent. I hear that Constant Contact used to have that, but got rid of it?

It is incredibly frustrating to not have a page that shows all scheduled emails going out like they had before this change. The new CC format is incredibly difficult to maneuver around and find things including polls, surveys and draft/pending emails.
Please add time back to scheduled emails. It would be much easier to schedule without clicking on each email.
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On the home page it gives me all the overview infromation I need for my campaigns on the home screen EXCEPT for the TIME a campaign is scheduled to go out. We schedule a lot of campaigns for down the road and having an overview of a scheduled campaign that currenlty only shows the DATE when it is scheduled but not the time means I have to go in and click on each campaign individually in order to get the most basic of scheduling information. Please after Scheduled For date insert the scheduled time. Example: If I make a campaign that is scheduled for June 30, 2017 and for it to go out at 2:00pm CDT then on the home page the campaign summary would currently read "Scheduled for June 30, 2017" and nothing more. It would be much better if it read "Scheduled for June 30, 2017 at 2:00pm CDT" instead. Big time saver, small GUI change.
When viewing the list of campaigns it would be helpful to sort between those identified as Done and those still open.
I would love for the view of pending emails to be sorted by launch date (alpha sort and old/new is useless) Need to make sure dates are not doubled up and that we have all events covered, there is no way to view by pending launch date anymore and that is really annoying
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The new way of listing campaigns is very time consuming for us.  It would be very helpful if you list them by start date as you did in the past.  At list give us the option to list by start date.


We would greatly appreciate it.




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I often send a number of emails on the same day and it would be helpful to have the time each is scheduled to send on the Status list. Is this something you can do?

Good afternoon, A lot of the features I like in Constant Contact have been removed in the update. I wish I could still see the time a message is set to go out on the schedule page instead of having to click on each one. I also wish that I could access all of my emails from the main page in a more friendly format than the one I currently have or that I went straight to the status page instead of the new homepage. Also, I wish it didn't reorganize the emails based on the last one you worked on. Thanks so much and have a great day.
Currently, when an email is scheduled, it shows the date, but not the time. In order to find out what time the email is scheduled for, you have to go click more and then open the email. It would be nice to be able to see a snapshot on Scheduled page.
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When CC updated formatting (which I LOVE), you did away with the time stamp of a scheduled email. I used to be able to view at a glance all of my emails scheduled and it showed the DATE and TIME. Now it only shows the date so that I have to click on each one to see what time the email is scheduled to go out. It has slowed me down and frustrated me. I keep suggesting this to CC everytime I have an interaction with one of your representatives. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only customer frustrated by this change. Thank you for listening!





I have a suggestion that would save me time when I'm checking to make sure I've scheduled everything correctly; maybe it would help others as well. When I'm looking at a list of my campaigns that are scheduled, it says, "SCHEDULED: Newsletter Email Scheduled for August 25, 2017" (or whatever date we've selected). Could you add the time of day selected, such as 6:30 a.m., to this line? It would save the user the extra step of actually opening a summary of each campaign to verify everything.


Thanks for your time.

Maggie Lamb

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Why doesn't the scheduled email display the time scheduled? I believe it used to before. Right now it just says the date that it's supposed to go out. This really helps when we QC the projects. We have no way to see the time scheduled unless we un-schedule the blast and that's very counter-productive. Please add the time stamp back. Thank you.
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I'd love to see the time that a scheduled email was going to be sent added to the campaign dashboard. It could be added right after the date of when it was going to be sent. I sometimes have to send out multiple emails in a specific order in a short amount of time and having the send time displayed would be a big help in making sure they're all going to be sent in the right order. See mockup below.


CC idea.jpg 



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When an Event / Campaign is scheduled 

it will be listed under SCHEDULED

it will show the title of the Event / Campaign

it will show the date of the scheduled Event / Campaign


Can you please add the TIME of the scheduled Event / Campaign to SHOW

along with the title and the date


Status changed to: Closed - Indirectly Fixed

With the Marketing Calendar release users should be able to see when emails are scheduled using this view.

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would like to be able to sort campaigns by scheduled dates
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @Shadyhollowresort,

I think that the ability to sort you campaigns by sent date is a great idea! I want to open this idea up to voting so other users like yourself can vote and comment on this idea as well. 

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