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I really do not appreciate the new look. The first page after login is unhelpful. I've never quite seen anything so bad! There should be a common toolbar, as before, to quickly access all settings, options etc. Why change something to make it worse?? I now have to click on 'Contacts Growth Tools' to get where I want. At least that's the way I found. Current layout is not evident, intuitive or user friendly.


You would be much better advised to spend your time improving the email editing experience than playing around with the visuals. The editing experience is always lacking, and does not seem to get the attention.


I am not averse to change, but change with the result of degradation of user experience is counter productive.


A paid customer for many years, I join some others here in saying I will start looking at alternatives if there's not some serious improvement.

Why did you change the layout. This is a drastic change! I'm used to quickly going to the event (campaign) date and briefly seeing if anyone has registered; but now everything is confusing and jumbled. I have to sort it every time I use it. Why bother with perfection?
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Productivity is the name of my game. The New UI has proven to be a step backwards in my productivity. Too many clicks, scrolls, etc. to get my job done. Not sure what the CC design parameters were, but they did not work out for me on a FAST Windows 10 machine with an SSD and dual monitors. CC - Please consider revision so that navigation is not so user intensive.
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Who decided to ruin constant contact. While it used to be a services that heped us manage our events, the new format has ruined the ease in navigating through the event management function. If you are not in the process of fixing or at the very least, give us the ability to set the "rules" for our log in page so we coould access the event function that listed everything in chronological order. Now everytime we log in it is a 15 minute event trying to pull up a screen where we can find the dicuments we have used for the past 7 years and was a n ease to use. Honestly, we are now being forced to look for a new event management softwre. We used to love you guys, now since you BLEW UP your product, we sadly are looking everwhere for something like the old format so we can actually get work done in scheduling events, nothunt and recreate every step every time. PLEASE FIS THIS. GIVE US THE OPTION OF REVERTING BACK, OR SADLY WE ARE GONE. I KNOW YOU HAVE BIGGER CUSTOMERS THAN OUR $200 A MONTH ACCOUNT BUT EVERYONE I TALK TO IS NOW LOOKING FOR ANOTHER PROVIDER JUST TO GET BACK TO WHAT YOU USED TO OFFER US. SO SO SAD

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Yes, would be nice to be able to indent a block of copy, for instance, a quotation -- using the text menu bar.

I dislike the new format intensely. It takes an additional 3 or 4 steps to get to my event list in order of date than it used to. Now everything is combined, I have to get through several layers, and the default order is not what I need. It's driving me nuts. All I want is my event list, in order of date ,accessible from the home page.
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First, as a fellow programmer - I really do appreciate the long hours and hard work that is necessary to create something that really works for a large number of users.  Your new interface is a failure.


My credentials? I am Network Administrator for a 501.c.3 charitable organization that provides medical care for needy people.  I am Webmaster for 12 domains that actually turn a profit.  I am NOT naming names, unless you (CC Management) contact me privately - you know how - OK?


Let's take a trip down memory lane and consider other ideas that did not make the grade:


Galaxy Note 7 - Truly a crash and burn

Windows Vista - Looked good - at first

Microsoft Zune - Too klutzy to use

Windows ME - Do you remember this one?

MySpace - Crushed by Facebook

Olestra - zero calorie fat substitute

    Going farther back in time:

"New" Coke - an absolute disaster

Sony betamax - technically superior, but trounced by VHS

The Edsel - Yes I am old enough to remember this one.


Bottom line - the folks responsible for all of the above failed products worked hard, used all of their considerable ingenuity, spent tons of cash, and yet they all failed for a variety of reasons.  For each one there was a point in time when stark reality hit them between the eyes, and they were forced to acknowledge that in spite of all of their combined wisdom, effort, and cash - they produced a product that ultimately failed.


I encourage CC to cut your losses, dump the new interface, and revive the previous interface while your folks work on something better.







Agreed. It's terrible.


All that time wasted, when the CC engineers could have fixed some of the basic problems with EventSpot!


Agreed! It is sloooooww to load, everything is tossed together, and it's completely inefficient. "Last modified" doesn't sort by last modified. What a waste.

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Bring back the Event Spot tab. I used to be able to click there and see all my events in one place, with one click. Now have to go to campaigns, then status, then active. The new layout has made things less convenient for events.


Another suggestion, I wish I could edit registrations after the fact, so if someone registers say 10 people, and they need to cancel or add one, I have no way of doing that within their existing registration. 


I use constant contact primarily for event management, and there could be a lot of improvement in this area. 


When is Constant Contact going to listen to the customer?  After all, this is not a free service!


It has been months, and the 'new' design is terrible!  If you need more details, please read the 4 pages before this comment.




Although it took some getting used to, I think the new look is fine and definitely more updated (if I had to go back to old functionality, I'd probably think of ways this one is better).


The only problem I had with the change was that the reporting only pulled in 50 past emails, but now that it's 500 it does everything I they listened to our feedback about that item (and I'm sure others).



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Emails created on the web can not be edited on the App - however it would be great if you could at least unschedule an email. Sometimes you are out of the office and you need to stop an email from going out and the App would be a great solution.

I know I've mentioned this already, but I am very unhappy with the new format and find myself wasting valuable time each time I need to look at past events. I would really like the option to have the old format back or at least some sort of search feature, etc. At this point, I am ready to start investigating other products. Thanks!

The option to simple indent a paragraph is no longer an option anywhere on the site.    Please constant contact improve user experience!!!

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I agree that the "new look" is a disaster!

It was obviously designed by the Art Dept -not by anyone who has to work in "the back office" part of Constant Contact. It is not intuitive!!! The old look featured functionality over form.

You are wasting my time with this poorly vetted out redesign.

This needs some serious rework before you lose more customers!



I cannot find the correct campaign.  The font is too large.  The content on the screen is too large.  The sort order constantly changes.  Have to filter between events and emails. Fix all these, and I can share more.


When is Constant Contact going to listen to the customer? 18 months in, and no change!  


Wow! Customer is not supported.  

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The new format to list campaigns wastes a lot of vertical space. The old format listed a campaign on one line...which made viewing all my campaigns very easy. Is there any way to go back to the original view?


The list of campaigns seems to have no logic behind what is displayed first, then next, then next. Is there any way to list the campaigns in the following order: all ACTIVE, then all DRAFT, then all DONE

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Hello @SusieB28,


At this time there is no way to change the view of the campaigns or website, or to sort by status.

However, on the left hand side there is a way to click on Active, Draft and Scheduled to view just those campaigns and not all the others.


This is great feedback and the idea is in voting, I've added this post to it.

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