How to Personalize Your Emails - Webinar Recording and Q&A


As a small business, you have an advantage over larger businesses. You see and interact with your customers on a daily basis. These relationships with your customers, clients, or members allow you to create more personalized email marketing efforts that get great results. Personalization goes beyond just adding their name to your emails.


In this free one hour webinar, we’ll show you:

- What it means to personalize your email campaigns

- How to add simple personalization in your emails

- How to personalize based on what you know about your subscribers


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How to Personalize Your Emails Q&A


  • Contacts
    • If I have the same contact on multiple lists do they count as one contact or multiple?
      • Our system will recognize that it is the same email address and only count them as one active contact in your account. Same thing if you send an email to multiple lists- our system recognizes the same email address on different lists and will only send one copy of the email to it.
    • How do I sync contacts from other sources into my Constant Contact account?
      • We’ve got a variety of tools and APIs you can use! Search our Marketplace to find the right solution for you.
    • How do I edit existing contact info?
    • What are custom fields?
      • Custom fields allow you to add custom information to your contacts’ profiles so you can personalize your emails and segment them easily.
    • What should I do with bounced contacts?
      • Not all bounces are created equal. Take a look here for a complete rundown on the different bounce types including what they mean and what we suggest you do with them.
  • Building Your Email
    • How do I embed a video in my email?
      • Good question! Videos are designed to inform and entertain, so they’re one of the most engaging types of content to include in your email. Here’s how to do it.
    • What’s a preheader? Can you personalize it?
      • Sometimes, an additional line of text displays in the inbox after the subject line. You can use this line of text, the preheader, to further entice the reader to open the email.
  • Reporting
    • Can I track who opens my emails?
    • How can I identify my non-openers? I want to resend my email to them.
    • What’s a suspended bounce? I don’t understand my bounce report.
  • Automated Emails
    • Is Automation an extra charge?
      • Some form of automated emails is available on all packages, but higher tier packages will have more advanced and customizable options available.
    • How can I automate emails so they send on a preselected date?
      • When you use an Automation path you can choose at what intervals the emails are sent. You can use automated emails (like for birthdays and anniversaries) to send on a select date based off of information in your contact records.
    • Is Click Segmentation an extra cost?
    • If “Contact X” is on one list and clicks a link that adds him to a new list, will “Contact X” be removed from the first list?
      • Nope! That contact will remain on the original list and be moved to the new one as well.
  • Click Segmentation
    • What is Click Segmentation?
      • Click Segmentation allows you to automatically add someone to a list based on what they click in your email. It’s used to create a list based off of your contacts’ behavior so you can send targeted mailings to them later.
  • Personalization
    • How do I add a contact’s name in my subject line?
      • Subject line personalization lets you add contact details, like a first or last name, to your subject line. When your contacts read your subject line, they'll see details unique to them.


“Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” - Dale Carnegie

  • Do you need to have your contact’s first name to personalize a greeting?
    • You can add a default greeting for those times when you don’t have a contact's first or last name added to their record, or you can use other custom fields to personalize your subject line.
  • Best Practices
    • I copy the same email repeatedly, edit it, then send. Should I make a new template each time?
      • You do not have to create a new template each time. We recommend creating a Master Template. Once you have a template designed according to your specifications that can become your Master Template. Moving forward, copy from that one template and add new content to the email. Copying sent emails repeatedly can lead to a build up of old/”hidden” code that is read by separate email clients differently. Ever sent an email and it didn’t look the same in the inbox as it did in your preview? That could be why. This is an issue that happens to all Email Service Providers, not just Constant Contact.
    • My contact lists aren’t super up to date. Does that matter? What should I do?
      • Good question! Yes, it absolutely does matter! Keeping your contact list clean and well-managed improves your deliverability rate (more emails getting to their intended destination), improves your open rates, and reduces the number of spam complaints. Here’s a good overview of what to do and how to do it.
  • Third Generation EditorThe 3GE has since been retired and the current editor is the Cross-Platform/Device Editor (CPE). Click here for more info.
    • What happens to your past emails when you move to the Third Generation Editor?
      • Your past emails will remain in your account. Should you ever want to use the Second Generation Editor you can simply make a copy of a past email made in that editor and work off of that.
    • How do I access the Third Generation Editor? What if I don’t have it?
      • When you create a new email look for a “legacy” label. Do you see it? If yes, those are older, Second Generation Editor templates. If no, those are the newer, Third Generation Editor templates. If you’re not sure just comment below and we’ll take a look at your account and reach back out to you.
    • What’s so special about the Third Generation Editor?
      • A LOT! It’s a drag and drop editor built to maximize the results of your email marketing while delivering an easy to use experience.
  • Sign Up Forms
    • What’s the Update Profile form?
      • The Update Profile form allows your contacts to choose which lists they want to be a part of so that they aren’t forced to unsubscribe entirely if they still want to receive some, but not all, of your emails.

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