How to Reach New Customers with Email Plus - Webinar Recording and Q&A


Your business thrives on bringing in sales from new and existing customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring in those sales more frequently without having to spend a lot of time doing so? We’ll show you some simple ways to repeatedly reach new customers with the easy-to-use tools in Constant Contact’s Email Plus package.


In this free one-hour webinar, including a product demo, we’ ll show you:

- How to turn more website visitors into new email contacts

- How to automate timely engagement with new contacts

- How to improve open rates by sending more relevant emails


Simply complete the registration here and you'll have access to the recorded webinar.


We had hundreds in attendance for the live webinar, and they asked some great questions. Here's what they wanted to know along with some additional resources. 


Autoresponder Questions

If someone signs up for an autoresponder multiple times will they get multiple emails?

-The autoresponder campaign will only send to your contacts one time regardless of how many times they may sign up for your list.


When I manually add contacts to the list will they receive my autoresponder?

-Yes, the autoresponder series will be triggered any time a contact is added to the connected list.


Can I edit an autoresponder after it is activated?

-Definitely! Please note: this will pause your campaign while edits are being made.


How many lists can I add to an autoresponder series?

-You can add as many email lists to an autoresponder series as you’d like. At least 1 list is required to activate the autoresponder.


What if I don’t want to make my contacts fill out a sign-up form in order to get my autoresponder series?

-Alternative methods of activating an autoresponder series are available. You can use Click Segmentation right in your email campaign to add people to the list associated with your autoresponder, or you can manually add these contacts to the desired list.


Sign-Up Forms

Can I use Facebook to get more sign-ups?

-Constant Contact has an app that can be added directly to your business page. Please note: This app only works on business profiles, not groups.


Can I have multiple different pop-up forms on my website?

-At this time only one pop up form can be used. You will need to install the universal code on each page that you would like it to appear.


How do I add a sign-up form to my website?

-Learn all about Constant Contact’s Pop-Up Forms here.


Will the Constant Contact Pop-Up Form work on social media?

-The form needs to be installed in the background coding of a website, therefore it will only work on the website.


Can I use the Constant Contact sign-up form as part of a promoted ad on other websites?

-You can use the landing page link in any ad that you are running. This is a great way to gain more contacts!


Miscellaneous Questions

How do I get reporting on the Click Segmentation feature?

-The click report for each campaign will capture each contact that has clicked on the desired link. You can also visit your Contacts page to see what contacts have been added to the selected list.


Is there an additional cost for upgrading to Email Plus?

-Pricing varies based on the number of contacts stored in your account. To see what your Email Plus Pricing would be please visit our plans & pricing page and select "Compare Plans."





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