Q&A from our "Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Nonprofit" Webinar


The last part of a successful email marketing strategy is to get new subscribers. Join us for the last in this 5-part webinar series to learn how to grow your email list.


As a nonprofit, you can always use more support. Whether you need more volunteers or donations, email marketing can help to build relationships to accomplish this. That’s why it’s important to continually grow your email list, so you can further help your cause.


In this free, one hour webinar, we’ll discuss tactics you can use to grow your email list and your nonprofit. Additionally, we’ll show you:

  • How to build a permission-based list
  • How to entice your supporters to sign up
  • How to use Constant Contact sign-up tools

Here you'll find the questions asked by our attendees during the webinar. Want to view the recording? Click here to register and gain access! 


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Resources mentioned during the webinar:

[Guide] Do More For Your Cause With Email Marketing

Do More for Your Cause with Email Marketing – Nonprofit Worksheets





You used to have a Forward to a Friend option.  Is there a feature that allows my contacts to forward my email?

The forward to a friend option is no longer available in our Third Generation Editor.





Do we have to upgrade our account to use a pop-up form?   

The pop-up form is only available for Email Plus customers.


Where can I create a pop-up form?

You can create a pop-up form under the Sign-up Forms tab of your account.


Can you create multiple pop-up forms that rotate through?      

At this time, being able to rotate through multiple pop-up forms is not an available feature. The supplied universal code does not allow you to specify the pop-up form that appears.


Can the form be set to pop up weekly?

You can! If you have our Email Plus package, the frequency of your pop-up form can be set to once per week.


If you have multiple inline forms on your website, how do you select the Universal Code for the correct form?

To activate multiple forms, you would use the universal code for just the pop-up form. But if you have multiple Inline Forms you will have unique Inline code for each.


Is text to sign up free for paid constant contact members?     

Yes. Text to sign up is available to all paying customers.


How do I set up the text to sign up in my account?

You can set up text to sign up under the Sign-up Forms tab of your account.


Can new contacts added into my account through text to sign-up or a landing page automatically be added into certain lists?

They sure can! As you create your landing page or set up the text to sign up, you will be prompted to select which list these sign-ups will be added to.


How can contacts join my mailing list through my Facebook business page?

You can add the Join My Mailing List Facebook app to your Facebook business page under the Integrations tab of your account.


Can you collect additional information to the Facebook form?

At this time, the Facebook Join My Mailing List app can only collect email addresses and first and last names.


Is there any ETA on when the Facebook Join My List app will be available for mobile or tablet?

While we don't have an ETA on this, you can create a call-to-action button through Facebook or post a link to your sign-up form and pin the post.


Can an Instagram link be added on the Landing Page?

Social media links cannot be added to landing pages created through Constant Contact


Is there a way in my account to see how contacts are signing up for my mailing lists

You can see the different ways your contacts are signing up through the Contacts tab of your account.


Do you get a notification when someone signs up through one of the forms, etc?

You can choose to receive an email report daily or weekly with details about contacts recently added or unsubscribed.


Can you recommend a sign-up app?

Our Marketplace lists all the apps, integrations and services that can connect with Constant Contact.





What if our website provider isn't listed on your sign up form installation directions?

If your website isn’t listed you can follow general directions listed under Install the Sign-Up Form Code on a Website. You can also have your webmaster can help place the code, or contact the support for your website builder for assistance.


Are the Marketplace apps free or fee for service?

Many of the apps are free but some do require paying.


How do you acquire hex codes for certain colors?

There are many downloadable programs for your computer that allow you to find hex codes.


We use Network for Good to process our donations, I don't quite understand the DonateNow App. Why would we need to pay $59 for the app? What would we get for that?

The Network for Good’s DonateNow App is an online Fundraising tool that can connect with Constant Contact. This integration allows donors who give through DonateNow to automatically be added to your mailing list. The integration with Constant Contact is free.

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