Q&A from "Design an Eye-Catching Email Campaign for Your Nonprofit in 15 Minutes or Less" Webinar


The look and feel of your email plays an important role in getting donations, volunteers, and even keeping people informed about your nonprofit. Your email needs to look great in order to stand out and convey the message to entice your contacts to take action.


It all starts by choosing the right design elements to draw people into your message. Whether you’re just getting started or needing to amp up your email design, this free, one hour webinar will show you:


  • How to design your email to look great on any device
  • How to drive action with the seven essential elements of email design
  • How to save time on future emails with a reusable master template


Here you'll find the questions asked by our attendees during the webinar. Want to view the recording? Click here to register and gain access!


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Resources mentioned during the webinar:

[Guide] Do More For Your Cause With Email Marketing

Do More for Your Cause with Email Marketing – Nonprofit Worksheets





How can I make sure I have a mobile-friendly email?

All of the templates available in the Third-Generation Editor are mobile-responsive!

Can you insert a greeting with your contact's name?

You sure can! Check out our Knowledge Base article on how to insert a personalized greeting tag into your email.


Can I edit a template once it has been made?

If your email is in a draft format, you can edit it as much as you need to before sending. But if your email is marked as sent, you will need to copy the email first before making any edits.


Can we still save our older format emails if we switch to the Third-Generation editor?

You can! Emails created in our Legacy editor will stay in your account.


How can the header of my email be modified?

You can edit your email header directly in the editor while it is in a draft status.


Is viewing the HTML of an email available in the Third-Generation Editor?

At this time, HTML access is not available in this editor. This is a feature request our engineers are looking into.


Can you use a logo from your library in Constant Contact to brand a template?

Once the logo is uploaded to your Constant Contact Library, you can insert the image into the template you're working on!


Can you upload a custom background image?

You sure can! See our Knowledge Base article for more information on how to upload and insert a custom background image.


Do desktop users see a preheader?

While you have the ability to add and edit preheader text, not all email clients will display it. This article helps further explain preheaders and how you can use one to entice contacts to open your email.


How can you brand a template using a website?

This article goes over the steps on how to use your website to brand a template.


Why does my email display differently on different email clients and how can that be prevented?

Different email clients can render things differently, including your Constant Contact email. We do offer an Inbox Preview tool that allows you to see how your readers will actually experience your email in these various email clients. This tool is offered in our Third-Generation Editor.


What is the difference between a button block and a "donation" block?

The donation action block allows you to collect and track donations. It also gives you detailed reporting of these donations. When you insert a button into your email, it can be linked to an email address, a website URL, or even a document from your library.


Is the donation block accessible for those in Canada?

It is! You would need our Email Plus package to access it, though.


How can I change the background color in my blocks?

This Knowledge Base article will walk you through how to change the background color of a block in the Third-Generation Editor.


Is there a way to link to an e-mail address and/or a PDF in an email?

Sure! You can create a mailto link in your email and also insert a link to a PDF.

Do mobile templates also display properly on desktops?

Of course! Our mobile-responsive templates look great on mobile devices and desktop.

What size should the support image be?

Your images should always be 600 pixels in width or less. Here are some more helpful details to maintain your image quality and to avoid any errors when uploading images.




Do you have any tips on how to increase my conversion rate?
We do! Check out our blog post with some tips on how to increase your conversion rate.


How long should my subject be?

We suggest that your subject line should have no more than 4-7 words or 40 characters. Most email providers will truncate -or cut off- subject lines with more than 60 characters.


Does every email need a call to action?
There is always an opportunity to have your readers take an action, even if it is just to "learn more" with a link to your website. An informative email would still want a call-to-action. You want to consider, "What is the most important information I want to make sure they read?" For a "Thank You" email, you would not necessarily need a call-to-action but it wouldn't hurt to include a clear link to your website or other location that you might want to drive awareness or traffic.

How I can use a teaser line and then have the reader click to read the entire article?

If you have our Email Plus package, the easiest way to include a teaser like this in your email would be through a Read More action block in our Third-Generation Editor.


What is click segmentation?

Click segmentation is a new tool we offer in the Third-Generation Editor that allows you to segment contacts easier. This tool automatically adds contacts who clicked on a link or button to a specific list for later use or can even trigger an autoresponder email.





Is there an age breakdown on contacts reading emails on mobile devices?

While we do not have reporting of our own, you can find some information about ages here(Note: Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact)





What is the event option when creating a campaign?  How is it different from creating an email?

Our event tool is a plus campaign we offer in accounts. It is different from email campaigns as it allows you to collect and manage registrants, sell items or tickets, and even send reminders to your registrants.





Are action blocks only available in upgraded subscriptions?

Action blocks are only available for our Email Plus customers.



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How can I delete older images from my account?

We certainly understand how you want to make sure that your library is neat and tidy. Here are the steps on how to delete images from your library.


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