Decrease Potential Unsubscribed Contacts With The Update Profile Link

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Do you know how to make it easier for your audience to self-select which lists they want to be on? @CWF_Communications reached out to the Community asking how to do so and we think this is meaningful content to highlight for others with a similar curiosity!


Community moderator extraordinaire @William_A stepped in with a response, which we’ve edited for the purposes of this article:


The Update Profile link is found in the footer of all your emails by default. It provides email recipients the opportunity to change which lists their email address is associated with for a specific Constant Contact user, instead of unsubscribing completely. Multiple lists can be made visible for contacts to choose from.




Ad.c999ad0b91e8255d6ad15fd4fb41e05d.jpgIt is important to note: The contact will not see the list options until they click on a link in an email they receive that will bring them to the Update Profile form. 


When an Update Profile form has multiple lists available, these lists will be visible if a contact were to choose the Unsubscribe link, as well.


Remember, not all lists need to be included in the Update Profile/Unsubscribe set-up. Make sure to select the correct lists and that they are titled appropriately. Whatever the list is called within your Constant Contact account is how it will appear to your audience when they’re making updates.



If you are not seeing the Update Profile link, follow the steps in our tutorial article to activate it.


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