At this time there isn’t a way to edit multiple contacts at once in Constant Contact, but fear not here are some options to consider to make the process easier. 


Use Excel or a similar program


We recommend starting with this Knowledge Base article to learn or refresh some formatting principles to keep in mind when preparing a contact upload.


Format a file before importing a contact list into Constant Contact

Managing Your Contact List Outside of Constant Contact


Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are probably the two most well-known spreadsheet programs. A popular upload option for Constant Contact is uploading a spreadsheet with your contact list in it. Once selected, Constant Contact gives you the option to select the different categories related to each column, though if titled correctly the upload system will identify them automatically. List Growth 




The key with spreadsheet programs is to learn the specific formulas or shortcuts that will save you time and frustration with formatting your data.


Here are a couple of solutions to common obstacles users might encounter.


Replace information en masse 


We’ll use Excel as an example, but this should be possible in most spreadsheet programs. Let’s say you use Constant Contact to communicate with many, many people from a specific organization. This organization was previously known as The Example Company and the domain for the email address was You have 1,000 email addresses with this domain. Instead of going line-by-line, you can use the Replace shortcut in Excel to identify in every cell and input the new domain, which is.. uh… (there we go).


It’s important to keep in mind that even if all the other information on a contact is the same, if the email address is different it will create a new contact. The previous contact will still exist. You’ll have to weigh your options and decide if losing the contact’s history is okay. After you export the list of contacts (you would search for any contacts with the domain), keep the contacts selected and delete them when you’re ready, but before you upload the updated contacts.


Otherwise, updating the contacts one-by-one would maintain their history. This isn’t feasible in all situations, though. 


Separate first and last names


Another helpful trick to learn is how to separate first and last names in Excel before importing (or updating existing contacts). We don’t need to say too much on it because our wonderful Knowledge Base team already did!


Separate first and last names in an Excel spreadsheet


Helpful guides for changes you can make in bulk on Constant Contact


Let contacts update their information and list preferences with the Update Profile Form


While you can’t guarantee every contact will take the initiative, one way to make things easier on yourself is to send your contacts the Update Profile Form (which you can edit) so they can make any adjustments they deem necessary.


Using contact lists, tags, and segments based on your list size


When it comes to moving contacts around your Constant Contact database our lists, tags, and segments features are a great way to speed up the process. For example, maybe you have multiple contacts with the same tag that are scattered across different lists. You can search for that tag, select all the contacts, and create or move them to a specific list.


*Keep in mind that changing tags in the 


Move a contact or multiple contacts to a different list

Merge multiple contact lists into a single list

Remove contacts from a contact list


Whether you want to move, merge, or purge your contacts we have you covered!



This is just a starting point, really. We’re always thinking about other ways users can leverage Constant Contact’s many features in new, nuanced ways. If you’ve come across any new tools or techniques in your travels, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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