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Prepare images for upload

Upload an image to your Library

Social Media Image Sizes Guide


You just took the best photo or created the best graphic and you excitedly rush to Constant Contact and attempt to upload the file. Alas, the system won’t allow you to upload the file because the file size is greater than 5 megabytes (MB). Now what do you do?




Canva has integrated with Constant Contact! After you have crafted your designs in Canva you can import them right into your Library. Canva has the ability to resize image files, too! Integrations 


From Tools > Library > Click Create in Canva. 





You'll then want to allow the third party cookie so you can get to work and begin creating directly in Canva. 




Take a screenshot of the image


This might be the easiest option, whether you’re working on a desktop/laptop computer or on your phone/tablet.


Pictures taken with your smartphone or professional camera are usually saved at a larger size and higher resolution. When you take a screenshot of a picture displayed on your computer or phone screen, it automatically creates a lower resolution version. 


All devices usually have screenshot technology built-in. For example, Windows 10 uses a program called Snip & Sketch (might also be called Snipping Tool) and MacOS utilizes keyboard shortcuts to accomplish the task.


Follow the instructions and save the new file to your preferred location and then it will be ready to upload!


Use a photo editing software


There are a variety of photo editing software available now, but the most recognizable is still Photoshop. Of course, Photoshop comes with a cost so if it’s not already part of your menagerie of tools, you could try searching the Internet for “image resize programs” and there are a variety of websites that offer the capability.


Also, Windows 10’s built-in Photos app allows you to resize images. I couldn’t find an official tutorial from Microsoft, so I’ll just say open the image you want to resize, select the three dots in the top-right corner and you’ll see the Resize option. Follow the prompts and you should be all set! MacOS’s built-in Preview program also provides the option.



Resizing images can be an unexpected obstacle in the pursuit of creating the perfect Email Marketing campaign, but we hope these options will help! If you happen to have found other methods for resizing images not mentioned above, please let us know in the comments

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