Centering things as many months before, rather than putting ot all on the left margin

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1.  I liked the centering of the entire email.  It makes it balanced.  When you changed to the LEFT MARGIN a few weeks ago, I have had to CENTER all my comments myself, taking a lot of extra time.

2.  Also, for many months when I wanted to resend an email with a different name, I just clicked it and the title appeared immediately. Now, I have to give a fake name or symbols and only the would the original email appear so I can change it as needed.  This also takes much more time.  Sincerely yours.  Dr. D. A. Waite


Thank you for the feedback @DrDivietro,


For your second comment are you wanting the email name to auto-fill with what it's previous name was when you copy it?  Rather than re-name it entirely?


Status changed to: Open Questions
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback. At this point we will be marking this as closed. At any point feel free to reach out again.

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