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We used to use Campaign Monitor and had a few different CM sign up forms scattered through out our website. When we moved over to Constant Contact, I was surprised to find out how basic the sign up form creation tool is. One, for a new user, the tool isn't super intuitive. I had to google "how to add a new form field in constant contact" in order to add some customer fields. In my opinion the option for adding new fields should be located within the form creation tool, not buried under the user settings. That is not the first place someone is going to look when trying to add an option for their form. Also, as i am sure has been mentioned a hundred times in various posts on here, it would be nice to have a few more options for field types: drop downs, check boxes, radio buttons, multi line response fields, etc . . . It would also be nice to get actual inline code to insert into a web page so the form could be styled/sized to match the  layout/look of the page. 


It is nice that I can at least change background and text colors in the tool, and I do like the fact that captcha is built into the form - that is a nice feature. I just wish the form itself was easier to customize without having to rely on a third party application from your marketplace.

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Hello @DavidD568,

I think that you make some really great points here! I will be opening this idea up to voting so other users can vote on this as well. At any time feel free to add further comments or vote on other ideas here on the community!

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