Edit verbiage ''marketing emails'' in the footer of Lead Generation Landing Pages

When creating a landing page, the fine print on the landing pages does not update. It still says "marketing emails" and it should say "email communications" in the permissions field. No matter how a landing page is created, it does not change. Other forms do, but not landing pages. Please fix! We are sending prayer emails, not "marketing" so it is an important issue. Thanks!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @JessyT1 

Thank you for your feedback! This is a great idea and we have opened it for voting. 


I wish there was a way to use a Constant Contact sign up form without the standard disclaimer at the bottom. I do understand its purpose, but the truth is that I do not send marketing emails to people who visit my website or download a freebie. They get their freebie in a thank you email with links to other services, and a link to add themselves to my newsletter list if they choose, but that is all. One email, not more. I have a privacy policy that explains how I use contact information, but with so few characters on a CC "lead generation page" I don't even have room for that. I wish I could edit the standard disclaimer language. It is simply not correct in my case.
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