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Recent changes in the Constant Contact program are not making it easy to use, or stay with. 


Cell phone verification before logging in is basically an inconvenience, as are the new short windows to write and design one's email. Our working process incorporates rewrites and fine tuning while on the Constant Contact site, and the emails are written, rewritten, then tuned up before sending. How many times would you think a refresh was required? Lastly, which one of your engineers doesn't like Safari? 

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Hi @Scottroanoke we're always open to ways we can better our user's experience, so thanks for sharing this feedback with us! With the multi-factor authentication on your account, are you prompted to verify your account every time you log-in on the same device and browser? As for creating your email what are the short windows and refreshes are you speaking of? It's also important we point out there are 3rd party add-ons that could affect how Constant Contact works in a browser, it's always important to make sure you're working in the most up to date version of a browser.


Reply from @Scottroanoke 

The multi-factor identification seems to appear randomly. Sometimes it’s each time I go on, other times it may be a couple weeks between required texts (this is a pain). I use the same computer and same IP address each week (usually Thursdays).

Today I was able to build the email without a request to refresh, this was great. Again, this sort of distraction when you’re trying to create onsite is like a pesky mosquito.

Lastly, yes, you’re probably correct that my browser should be updated, but one would hope your site could issue a bit more lattitude.


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