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The process to add a link to an image is pretty terrible. I would rather have the option just to attach a document like an email.
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Thank you for the feedback @CyndyK5,


I'd like to understand your feedback better.  Are you having difficulty making an image a clickable link?  Are you trying to put add a document file to your email?  I'd like to understand better so I can either help, or pass your feedback along correctly.

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I was trying to add an image as a clickable link to a document. The process of uploading a document as a pdf to the library, and then uploading the same doc as an image to the library, and then inserting the image to the email, and then linking the document to the image seems overly complicated. The link in the email I sent out to 900+ clients did not open, which was frustrating.


It would be much easier to be able to create the image linked to the doc in the library. Then you would just need to insert the image/link into the email. I think I missed the step of copying and pasting the URL from the doc saved in the library to the image after inserting it in the email.

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