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I'm amazed that a procedure that could be greatly simplified for probably half your users is ignored. I send out 2 flyers a week. I send them separately out under my salespeople's individual names and emails. I have to individually do the emails for each one. Now this capability, that's worth building a "dashboard" for
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This is good feedback, thank you Mary. In our newest email editor we did create the ability to insert dynamic content blocks so that you could create and send one email and have the content change depending on certain contact criteria. As an example, that could be used for separate signature blocks to show the name and contact information for the appropriate salesperson at the bottom. However, it sounds like that won't fully accomplish what you need because you wouldn't be able to change the from name/from email of the campaign the same way. That would still require separate mailings, so there is still some work that could be improved on that end.

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