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please do NOT put that blue banner across the work area. It interferes with being able to see the tools when working on a design. Very annoying. Especially since I don't enjoy webinars!
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Thank you for the feedback @AirCare,


Sorry to hear the banner is getting in the way of your work.  Is it blocking/preventing you from accessing something in one of the toolbars?  It should be responsive, but if it's blocking something I'd love to see so we can look into it.  Do you have a screenshot you could share with me so I can take a look?  Thank you.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thanks again for submitting your feedback. Like Patrick said the banner should in fact be responsive. If this is still happening to you feel free to reach back out with a screenshot. At this moment in time we will be moving forward and marking this as closed.

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