Benefits of Using The Community


There is a lot to love about the Constant Contact Community, but a community is only as good as the people using it (and we think there are some pretty cool people on here). Sure, you might stay up on the latest industry trends, hone your marketing skills, and get support on Constant Contact products but that’s not all!




If you were ever in the scouts, you know how satisfying it is to get a badge for your efforts and contributions to the troop! It’s also a sign of experience and knowledge, so when someone comes across your profile they’ll recognize a leader in the community.


We offer a ton of badges you can earn by posting new topics, liking (giving kudos) other users’ posts or receiving kudos on yours, reply to existing topics, or having your well-thought out responses accepted as solutions!


post-1-2023.png kudos-1-2023.png reply-1-2023.png solution-1-2023.png



Check out all the badges on offer and what you have to do to earn them: Navigating the Gamification Badges in Our Community




The ranking system serves as a marker along the path of progress, where points and levels are used to measure advancement. These ranks not only differentiate seasoned users but also instill a feeling of fulfillment.


By rising through the ranks, you can unlock special perks in the Community such as being able to send direct messages (DM) to other users (used responsibly) and be able to update your signature so you can add some more personal flair to your posts!


Review the ranks and the different perks you unlock: Climbing the Community Ranks: Leveling Up Your Marketing Expertise



We want you to feel your efforts in the community are validated and recognized. By earning badges and climbing the ranks, you get to show off a little and develop a positive reputation among your peers.


And the best place to start is by introducing yourself to the rest of the Community!


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