Where Should I Go Next?


Even though you may have explored around the Community a bit to get yourself familiar and have already introduced yourself to your peers, you might still be thinking: “I don’t know where to start?”


While we think all of the Community is great, we understand it would be helpful to narrow things down. So, here are the top five things we think you should check out and participate in first:




You might be new to the Community, but you might not be new to Constant Contact. Even if you’re new all around, I bet you have some great ideas you need to get off your chest. Visit the Ideas board and add your voice to the chorus or share a new idea of your own!


Share a new idea



Template Feedback & Inspiration


It can take a lot of work to get an email template up to the standard of quality you want. Plus, not everyone who uses Constant Contact is a marketing and design appeal prodigy. It’s never a bad thing if you want to get a second opinion on something. Share the template you’re working on with your peers and if you have some great design ideas, don’t hesitate to offer them to someone in need!


New Post



Join a Group


Life is just better with friends and it’s usually easier to make friends when you have something in common. If not friends, then how about peers and colleagues? We have dedicated groups for Retail & Ecommerce, Nonprofits, and Small Business Voices where you can meet up with like-minded marketers, share and review resources, and start discussions around topics relevant to your industry!


Questions & Discussions


Struggling with your email campaign? Unsure how to upload your contacts? Rest assured, our award-winning support is ready to assist you with any product-related questions you might have. Plus, you might have an opportunity to help another customer along the way!


Ask a Question



New Customer Hub


If you’re brand new to using Constant Contact it might feel overwhelming on how to start using the product. We’ve got you! This one-stop shop provides you with a wealth of resources, tutorials, and videos to help you get acclimated to the world of digital and email marketing.


Get started



We can’t wait to see you around the Constant Contact Community!


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    Support Tips

    Social Media

    "There's a multitude of ways to engage your audience through us using your social platforms - via ads, social post metrics, email links, and more! " - Will

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    Call-To-Action Links

    "Target your most engaged contacts by creating a segment. Create a special offer or show your appreciation!" - Caitlin

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    Support Tips

    Welcome Your Audience

    "Greet new contacts with one or more automated Welcome Emails depending on their interests or your business goals." - Nick

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