Add people to lists when clicking links

Is it possible to set something up that adds people to a certain list or tag when a link in an email is clicked? I would also like to be able to see a list of everyone who has ever opened an email of mine or ever clicked on a link, not just per campaign.
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Hi @TrentP4

Thanks for posting. This isn't technically a feature right now but this is an interesting idea for the future. Are you looking to segment your list based on who clicks? If so, you could make an image a clickable link to a special sign up form where the people are saved in a specific list. At this time tags are for internal use only so you wouldn't be able to set up a tag to automatically b assigned. Do you think the list process would work?

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I am deeply considering looking into ConvertKit because it is SO MUCH BETTER at managing contacts and segmenting. Contact clicks on a link in the campaign? They can be tagged as interested in that topic, and then automatically added to a list to start an automated campaign. I don't have to manually go through and spend hours trying to tag every single campaign we send out, it automatically does it. And once they're added to one list, they can be automatically removed from another. Think like non-buyer to buyer. Once the non-buyer buys, they can automatically be switched to the buyer list. I can build campaigns in a better, more efficient way. The ONLY thing making me pause is Constant Contact's survey feature. Please please PLEASE work on your contact management system!!

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If you are using the newest editor (3rd generation) this functionality is now available!


How do we set this up? I have over 26,000 contacts in my email and I am trying to create themed lists based on the links that were clicked.


Hi @wpbsmarketing


The good news is users can add contacts to a list when they click on a specific link through click segmentation following these steps.

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