Create Multiple/Recurring Social Media Posts

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You changed this so we cannot put in multiple dates to post To our facebook accounts. Don't like this.

hi pls can you make teh social media posts autoamte rather than have to set them up each day
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Hi @CarlW5 are you looking to schedule multiple posts at once, or does creating multiple posts and scheduling them for later dates help fit your needs?

Status changed to: Gathering Information

From what I gather this is for the ability to schedule a social share/social post on a recurring basis [Moderator's note, I edited the subject line to make it more search friendly for others to find] . For anyone else finding this, please leave a comment with some examples of what you'd like to do. For example, would it be the same post (same text, same image, same accounts) scheduled to post at an interval like once a week for 3 weeks? Or would this be something like a social media campaign where you are selecting different dates and different messages to post to as part of the same "social campaign"?


Yes.   I would like to set up reoccuring posts at intervals that I can control.  Such as 10 posts spread out evenly over a time period I select leading to a registration deadline. 


I've been using and it does that.   I'd love to move over completely to doing it through Constant Contact but I need that feature. 

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