Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

Regular Participant

Need the ability to create custom views . Allow each of the fields that exist in the Contacts view to be selected by the user in the Contacts, Did Not Open, Open, etc. For instance, I would like to see the email list as part of the UI when I view Did Not Open. if you have any questions.

Occasional Participant

It would be nice to have the option of seeing the reason of unsubscribed from the main page when you click that particular catagory. Having Name, Email and Reason on that page would be great. Right now, I only have the name, email, date added and by whom.  Would make deleting emails so much easier rather than going from specfic emails to delete.. Thank you


I love this service and how user friendly everything is!  Yet, one suggestion would be to have phone numbers listed on the contact page.  This would keep me from having to use a separate program when I am actively contacting people.





We have accounts for our regional offices. Each office divides its volunteers into Counties and Areas. We need to create dropdown fields so our regional office users can select an area for each volunteer. And when a volunteer signs up, we want them to select their County from a dropdown. This would be a huge help. They need to be drop-downs so they'll be consistent and usable for searches.


The Contact Management Table has a choice of:

  • Name, Email, Company, City/State
  • Name, Email, Date Added, Source

But we have added custom fields that are very important to us. They are County, and Area. We need these to determine where our volunteers are.


We need a way to choose the fields that will show in the Content Management table. We want to be able to choose: Name, Email, County, Area if we wish -- or other fields that might be important to see.


What I would like to see on this screen is an added column that shows what Email Lists have been assigned to the contact. I have had to search each contact to find some that had NO email list assigned. Still would be nice to see that on the Contact Management Screen.

Hello, To fully meet our business needs, it would be ideal if we were able to set the primary key for our customer list to be based on the combination of Email, First Name and Last Name. The the current system standard only looking at Email as the primary key does not work as we have some customers who share an email. Happy to elaborate more. Feel free to email or call with questions!

Thank you for the great feedback!  I'm moving your post with some like feedback so we can continue quantifying customer need for this feature!

Status changed to: Certified Great Idea

I would like a column in the contacts page that shows the tags assigned to each contact.  I would like to be able to sort contacts from within the list of ALL contacts (not just in the lists that I build).  That way, I can pull my entire list, clean it, add or change tags and re-upload it.  Then, I guess I'd still have to go in and change "membership" in a list accordingly.

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