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I cannot see a way to change registration details about a person other than contact info. Specifically, we need a way to change elements that affect cost - add registrants or supplemental items, remove and refund parts of a registration, etc.
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There is not a way to change element that affect cost as the Event runner. Any refunds have to be processed through the payment provider that you used, Paypal or WePay. If something needs to be changed, you would need to cancel the registrant and have them re-register.


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Thank you for the response but it is an unsatisfying response. Please express my disappointment with the limited capabilities of the registration system. The refund issue is only one of the problems I have with the system. Not only can a registrant not change his/her registration status but if any additional pay items are needed, it must be done via a completely new email address. This results in two records for the same registrant.


One more issue... the reporting seems inadequate. I ran a "complete" report and found that guest or colleague registrations did not indicate the same company information as the primary registrant. Therefore, if a company registers multiple people, only company information associated with the primary person is recorded and the rest are shown in a  "guest of" column. Requires a manual process.


Is it Constant Contact's intent to transition to a third party / partner site for event registration? The tie between events, email, and contacts is the only reason I have paid for Constant Contact for the past three years.

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