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It's possible for users to make an unlimited number of Custom Fields. However, when making an email and clicking Insert Contact Details, the list of possible custom fields is limited to only 40. This makes it very difficult for us as we have many custom fields we use to send unique playtesting codes to our game testers. 

Please expand the list to include all of the custom fields.

Additionally, the list is not in alphabetical order, making it difficult to sort through even if the custom field I wanted was buried in the list.

If possible, please let me know when this is updated, thank you!


Hi @JoscelynW


At this time users have the ability to create up to 100 custom fields. Can you share examples of fields that are not appearing when trying to insert it into your email?

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Hello Frankie, Thanks for the update, good to know that there is a max. 

As for the example,


As a game company, we use custom fields to send unique download codes to users. We assign a unique code for each game to their account. Let's say I have a game 'Until Then' matched to a custom field called 'Code: Until Then'. When I go into my email creator, click insert, custom field, and click the drop down list, there's a high chance it won't appear on the list. In that same drop down list I have the custom fields for "Code: Soulstice, Code: In Sound Mind, Code: Cris Tales" but not for for ""Code: Until Then". For this case I had to choose a different custom field and rename it to "Code: UT" before I was able to insert it into the email. There are a few other examples of other custom field "Codes" that also don't appear. Sometimes they show up when I create them, sometimes they don't. Ideally, every custom field we create would show up in the list when crafting an email.

I'm including an image that also shows off how the list doesn't seem to be ordered in any way. It would be lovely if it were alphabetical.

I'm also including another image that shows off a few of the custom fields we've made. Around half are available in the dropdown list in the email editor.


Hi @JoscelynW


Thanks for following up with these details! We were able to replicate your experience and passed on this information to the appropriate teams to track. We apologize, while we may not have a time estimate for when this will be resolved, we will reach out to this thread with any future updates.

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I appreciate the help @Frankie_P.
We're looking forward to hearing back on this later!


I need to use one of the first custom fields that has been created, but I still need the other 50 on top of it. I cannot delete these fields as they are being used for another campaign. Is there a way around this? I have got to be able to send both campaigns and do not want to send 20 versions of an email when content boxes can be dynamic.

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