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Please add the HEADER color back to the DESIGN tab.  It is a HUGE time sucker to re-color each header for each email.  Can't understand why it would have been removed.  Thanks!

Status changed to: Clarifying

Hi @Immanuel-CrystalLake 


What header color are you looking for to be available? If you are looking for the option to edit the header font color of your campaign, the good news is option is available under fonts through the design tab.

Regular Participant

Thank you for the response.  It is NOT THE FONT color that I want to change, it is the actual section header color -- the band of color that goes behind the header font.  That used to be an option -- I no longer see it.  There is a button for DIVIDERS, which of course is NOT HEADER.  Thank you!


Hi @Immanuel-CrystalLake 


Thanks for following up with this clarification! While we can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea, we do want to open it up so other users can weigh in as well. We have heard your feedback and will continue to collect both requests along with use case examples. In the meantime, does editing the color directly in the block help fit your needs?

Status changed to: Gathering Information
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Totally agree! Please add the Header color back to the design tab! When Constant Contact created our template the Header color was included as part of the design. Why would you remove it? If someone doesn't want to use they don't have to. It's just more work for those of use who want to use a SPECIFIC COLOR for EACH HEADER!

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