Include Google Analytics integration for campaigns

Sadly we learned that you just removed the Google Analytics option from the new generation application. This was a great way for us to track how each of our email marketing campaigns are performing and impacting traffic acquisition in our Google Analytics account. Please bring it back!

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Hi, it all looks great. I just can't figure out how to set Google Analytics with this template? Please advise. Otherwise, overall I really like the design. Thanks!
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Thanks for the feedback @PMILakeshore! We don't currently have a solution for Google Analytics in the new editor. I'll make sure your vote is counted for this feature!

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I like being able to assign Google Analytics codes to the links, please do not lose this feature. I must be able to unschedule email campaigns after I have scheduled them. Too often I get some last minute change or see a problem after I have hit send.
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I was sad to see that I couldn't link my email to a google analytics campaign. I'll go back to using the old version until this is fixed.
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I've been using the new beta email campaign builder and I've really been enjoying it. Unfortunately, I've recently realized that there's no way to connect the email to my Google Analytics and as everyone probably agrees, being able to see in analytics which people are coming to my website from my email is super important. Google Analytics is widely used and I'm surprised this hasn't been integrated with the new campaign builder. Any plans to add it soon?


Hi, When, if ever, do you plan on allowing us to track our email campaigns in Google Analytics. I was able to easily do this by linking my Google Analytics account to and I could see in the analytics reports how my emails did in comparison with other traffic sources. Thanks!


Thanks for posting!

Will you be added the option for "Google Analytics" to emails in the new campaign builder? I noticed this was left out of the new builder. This is a feature we use right now so I would like it to be included in the new one if possible. Thanks!
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Google Analytics is missing - used to be option in lower right
Hi, We are on the newer editing platform and there is no option to track email clicks through Google Analytics. This is disappointing as it's available in the older email editor. Please make this feature available in the new editor. I especially use this to justify our use of Constant Contact emails so it's important for you too! Thanks,
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