Include Google Analytics integration for campaigns

Sadly we learned that you just removed the Google Analytics option from the new generation application. This was a great way for us to track how each of our email marketing campaigns are performing and impacting traffic acquisition in our Google Analytics account. Please bring it back!

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You should have a notice saying ALL features aren't supported. I'm having to re-do work because Google Analytics are not available with your advertised "Next-generation Editor."
I am considering eliminating constant contact because we cannot track in google analytics. How are we supposed to determine the conversion rates of our email efforts? How do we track what people do when the goto the website if we do not see an originating source? How do we know what the actual traffic is on our website of 1 entire channel is eliminated?
Please return the GA tracking options to the editor. I like the new editor, but I also like the tracking. We could source more business back to these campaigns more easily if we got back that functionality. We would do it manually, but the old system was more efficient.
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I can't link my emails to my google analytics account anymore? Is this coming back?

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We are extremely disappointed that CC has launched a new generation editor and has stripped 50% of the features. I have now had 3 calls to customer service within a week and have yet to receive answer or dates as to when I can expect these features to be back. Examples include: Background color, forward this email, Google Analytics tracking. CC has put our company in a position to reevaluate the service and possibly consider a new vendor.
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I LOVE the feature of being about to connect each email to Google Analytics. However, the newer templates using the new editing system do not have this option. I talked to Customer Support and they said that there are currently no plans to add back the GA feature. I use this feature every time I send an email and love it because it allows me to see which emails are generating more sessions, pageviews, conversions, etc. It's a fast way to see which emails are getting me REAL results--not just opens and clicks, but revenue. I have not switched to the new templates for this reason, but I know that eventually the old templates will be phased out and we will all have to switch to the new system. So I ask that the development team PLEASE add the option to connect the new emails to GA. The information in the reporting section of Constant Contact has lots of great information but it can't tell me how many sales an email generated. GA can.


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After spending time browsing new templates and developing a new template using the new editor, I learned that there is no Analytics tracking in the new editor. As instructed by support, I laboriously added UTMs manually to every single link in my email and after sending saw that ALL of them were stripped.I hate wasting my time, (and you should hate that you cause me to waste my time) so having already spent much of it on that - I decided to keep working on it so I can get it out and use the UTMs instead.


Now, thanks to CC, all of my traffic coming from CC will be distorted and misrepresented in Google Analytics as direct and with no insight. If you're going to release something that you are trying to catch up to the competition with, at least make sure it is ready for prime time. People expect to gain features with a new release or iteration, not take steps back. So we have a choice - use the same tired editor from 10 years ago and be able to track our web site traffic or use the new more modern editor with no insight.  


The amount of time spent could have been used to get up and running with a competitor with an actualy valuable/modern feature set who knows what they are doing and who does it well. Get it together CC.  

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