MFA - SMS prompt

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MFA activated using the company cell phone

CC claims :
"Once enabled, MFA will only be required when accessing your account from a new device that our system does not recognize. MFA will not be required each time you log in to your Constant Contact account. "


So I've logged into device so that CC system can recognize the device.
However, our devices (which have received MFA once before) still receive prompt to provide the SMS verification code every time we log-in from the same device, same browser. This is a REAL HASSLE.


Constant Contact - What happen?
Why still need MFA prompt every time we access our account from the same device???

This multi-factor authentication requirement is causing so much anger within our organization as we struggle every day to use your service. We're considering another service because we shouldn't have to scramble and track down one staff person's phone every time one of the many users in our organization needs to access it (on a range of devices they may be using). The stated setting that devices remember the login is not proving out in practice. Please reconsider this unchangeable eternal damnation that MFA is proving to be.

This feature is awful and xxx annoying.  It constantly asks me to re-authenticate the same network and computer.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi everyone thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Are you all having this experience with your multi-factor authentication when working through the same computer and browser or when working in an incognito window?


Thank you for the information @T3S. Do you work from a VPN or different networks? Even if you use the same computer and browser, logging on through different connections can cause MFA to trigger. 

Status changed to: Gathering Information

I always use the same computer when on Constant Contact and I WANT OUT OF THE SMS VERIFICATION PROCESS!!


It is so incredibly annoying and awful.

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