Permanently Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.

I see that I have several terminated employees on my "Users" account. There doesn't appear to be any way to remove them. My only choice is to deactivate them. Seems that we should be able to delete them entirely...

You can't delete users because they want to keep billing them to your account even if the addresses are no good.  Nice for them, not for us.  


I've actually had to export my list of users and go to another provider to get them deleted.  Sometimes I will come back to CC, but when I do, it's always with a smaller list.  So you can get around it but it's ridiculous to charge you for it.  


Hi @LizH18. I believe there may be some confusion here. This conversation is about the ability to delete user profiles who can log in to an account. You are referring to bounced addresses but I understand where this may be confusing.


We leave bounces in an account for you to review and it's up to you to decide how you want to manage the bounces, whether it's deleting them or editing the address if it's incorrect or old. We do not delete or remove contacts unless the contact unsubscribes or you delete the contacts yourself. 

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You need to make the user management table more friendly. We've had a lot of staff turnover and functionality is lacking. We need to be able to delete users rather than simply deactivating them. Also, we need to be able to sort that table.

Echoing the emails from previous years, the most recent seems to be from April 2019 which said "It's now 2019 and we still cannot do this.  It is just absolutely ridiculous!!" It is now 2020 and we still are unable to delete users - as distinct from contacts.


For European companies or companies anywhere in the world that manage data of Euripean citizens, the GDPR legislation that has now been in force for nearly 2 years obliges everyone to remove personal data once it is no longer required.  The email address of a person is considered to be personal data.


I believe that the lack of provision of this facility to delete our old users is likely to be a breach of GDPR.


I am going to have to look into this and, if this is the case and we still cannot delete users, our company will have to migrate to an alternative mailing system from among the many available.  We have been using Constant Contact for 12 years.  We would have to stop.


Please treat this matter with urgency.


Hi @Johnd762. I can understand your concern. We have a process for data removal requests to help ensure we comply with GDPR. Please email privacy(at)constantcontact(dot)com with any questions regarding data removal.


Yes! please allow for the ability to delete users. This is very disappointing that this issue was brought up three years ago and your team has still not handled this.

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Why can I not delete old users?

I would like to delete deactivated users.   We have former employees that have not been with us for years within the list of users.  It is confusing.   

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This seems to be a duplicate of:


Can they be consolidated and the vote count merged?

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