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I sent you feedback and a complaint 3 weeks ago and received nothing .. not even an acknowledgement. You are making my case for me of being an organization that does not care about its clients. I tried to do a simple search for a keyword and discovered it is not possible. The help screen could and would not deviate from telling me how to add keywords to emails BUT not how to search for them. As I said before, disappointiong system, useless organisation of help topics and essentially an amateur organisation with no respect for clients. Our days as clients of yours are numbered. By the way, I do not expect you to respond to this so you can relax and not feel guilty about hiding from your customers. TJ
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Thank you for the feedback @UCBDC-Executive,


Sorry to hear you didn't get a response regarding your feedback.  Do you remember where you left your feedback?  I don't see any previous posts from your account in our Community. 


As far as searching by keyword.  It's not something we currently have available for campaigns.  I know this is a big pain point with customers and at this time it is something that is on our roadmap.  I can move your feedback to another thread that we have collecting this feedback so that you can get an update when we have more information.

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