Recommended for Removal is confusing

Please remove RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL as the DEFAULT category for displayed bounces. If you need a default, it should be ALL BOUNCES. It is a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME when I have to go back to selecting ALL BOUNCES. All bounces are of concern to me, not just the ones YOU think I should be concerned about. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic. A lot of the feedback is from several years ago when we first rolled out our new contacts system. We've made plenty of improvements since then, and as a result we've seen feedback around this lessen. Just to close the loop around some of the original feedback, we've released a change to the reporting pages this week and the bounce report will default to "All Bounces" as opposed to the "Recommended for removal" category. Several other changes were released with this as well including the ability to edit the contact in an overlay without having to leave the report, and better explanations for bounce types on this page which we hope make managing your bounces easier.


Thank you for reaching out to us, Rochelle! 


I wanted to give a suggestion on why you may only be seeing part of the bounced email addresses.  When you log in to the account, click on the Email tab, choose Reports and then choose to view Bounces it defaults to showing you only the "recommended for removal" bounced email addresses.  If you want to change this view to view "all bounce types" click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of the list of bounced email addresses. 


View the picture below:




If this is not the case please reach back out to us and let us know.  We would be happy to take a look at your account with you!


Please continue to submit any other feedback or questions you may have!

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Only 3 addresses are listed on the Bounce Report, even though it says 7 were bounced. How do I know who got the email?

Hi Anne,

It sounds like you might be viewing only the bounces that are recommened for removal. You can use the drop down on the right of your bounce list to control your view,. 


2-17-2014 2-32-56 PM.jpg

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CC's last update really changed the process for list management and in my case clearing Bounces. The process use to not be perfect but feels like a dream compared to the current process. You could open up individual contacts in new tabs to look at their history and then determine if they should be removed. Then I could go back to my tab with the whole bounce list and select and remove those users. Now you cant open those tabs and have to open each one, one by one and click the back button and remove them and takes 10x as long to manage a list. If I want to view the list of all bounces vs just the recommended ones I have to select that option every single time. It is pretty ridiculous.
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Byron, I wanted to let you know that I have sent your feedback to our engineers. We value your opinions and want to make sure that it works the way you need it to. What you might do for the time being is login to your account using 2 browsers; use one screen to navigate the contacts, and the other to navigate the bounces. We will work to get your feedback implemented as quickly as we can! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. The support team can be reached at 855-229-5506 when you're ready.
Is there a way to remove bounced emails from my contact list?
Not as easy and user friendly as the previous version. I prefer the simplicity of the old bounce reporting and the options of how to manage them. I liked how I could see the breakdown of the bounce reasons at a glance. Also, managing the bounces is cumbersome in the new report. For example: I need to send all non-existent bounced emails to the "Do Not Send" list. I can no longer do that from the bounce screen. Hope this helps. Claire

Hi Joey,


Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion.


We will continue to adjust and setup the account to be as user friendly as possible. We do currently still have an ability for you to go in and manage many bounces at once.


Here is an FAQ that will walk you through managing bounces:

The main part of this for you to focus on, is to be sure and choose the type of bounce that you are wanting to view, using the "display" drop down in the upper right of the bounce table.


Display drop-down



As always, please don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us!


Hi DantonB , 

You can remove bounced email addresses right from the email reporting. Check off any bounced email address that you want to remove and use the "Remove Emails" button in the header. 




Hi DeborahF15,


Sorry to hear of your difficulties with the new tool. The bounce reports are under the Email Reports section just like before. Please click Email tab and click Reports on the yellow toolbar. If you're referring to the bounce history per contact, it has now been renamed as "Engagement" and should be on the contact's details when you click on a contact's name.


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