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It would be nice if we could create blocks that we could save into a library of sorts. All of our campaigns use similar contact blocks but very different headers. It would be nice to not have to recreate the block from scratch, or to exit the campaign, find the other campaign, copy the code, then head back to the original campaign.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight into your feedback.


Thank you for all of your feedback on this topic; I know this request has been around for many years. This is something we would love to be able to implement. We’ve had some plans in the past that have been reprioritized. The current thought is that we hope we will be able to focus on this at some point in the future, and some of the ideas floated around have been really cool! That being said, I don’t have any sort of estimated time that it might be accomplished. We do have a potential new feature coming this quarter that may help. We will keep this thread updated.


I frequently need to re-purpose content across multiple campaigns. For example, a meeting promotion goes out. Now I'd like to use that same text, image and link to highlight the meeting in our weekly e-newsletter. Rather than having to copy and select a bunch of stuff, it would be great if I could just select that entire set of information (text, image and link) and add it to the new campaign.

Status changed to: Voting Open

This is a great idea @MCAANews,


I'm opening it up for voting. 

Out of curiosity-- would this be something where you would like to open one draft email and copy a block/layout and move it over?  Or would you rather have the ability to "save" blocks/layouts that you know you're going to use in the future, and have them available when you're creating your email?


I have 2 businesses and we have standard footers for all our emails (I can create these each time I build an email) it would be great if I could build 2 custom templates with my headers and footers preset so I don't have to build from scratch each time. We also have some standard bits on most emails like the phone numbers and addresses for each of our sites it would be great if I could create a custom drag and drop to bring these in rather than typing them out every time. I know I'm just being lazy but it would help me out a lot.

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Please, CC, make this happen! I have recurring campaigns that vary slightly and would love to be able to choose from a personal library of my frequently used blocks. Help!!

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Please make this a thing.

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It would be great if there was a format painter option so that you could easily format font and also if we could save a block that we designed and then use over and over.

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 Yes! We often re-use content in later emails and creating it over and over again is a pain.




The Third Generation Email Editor allows for blocks of text to be moved, copied, throughout a single email.  However, it also makes it infinitely more difficult to use those same text blocks in different emails without having two windows open and copying and pasting from a block in one email to a new email, or having to recreate an already created design anew in the next email.  It would be great to create a text block corral, for lack of a better term, so that you could store text blocks and have them available to drop load into future emails without all the copying, pasting, or designing from the start; similar to how pictures/images are stored. Or, include a button that opens the code for the entire box so that you can copy and past it into a new text block. The Second Generation Email Editor, though less agile than the Third Generation, made utilizing blocks from one email to another a breeze by simply going in, copying the code, then pasting the entire code into a new text block.

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