Schedule the same email multiple times

1. I would like to Preview and Edit at every step of the way, even after scheduling a broadcast newsletter. 2. I would like to schedule the same newletter on 2, 3, 4 or 20 times per year. EX: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly , etc.

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We send out a daily devotional email in English and Spanish. This is a devotional that is repeated yearly. At the moment we have to schedule these emials one at a time year after year. In Constant Contact we do this by copying previous emails and rescheduling them.

It was be extremely helpful if we could schedule RECURRING EMAILS that could be resent year after year. I know this feature exists for Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang is a free program. I would like to keep using Contstant Contact. Would you please add this feature of recurring emails?

If we are unable to email registrants of an event more than 30 days after it, then offer the option to copy an event email as a standalone email. I just formatted and modified an old event email, and after half an hour of reconfiguring, was met with the error message that I could not send. Sigh. Supremely frustrating. Now I have to start all over again.
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It would be nice to have a scheduling feature where we could send the e-mail once and then have option to send it the week of the event as a reminder. Without having to make a copy and do it that way.  (So having multiple scheduling dates and time options for the same e-mail.)


When you schedule the AD having the option to schedule the email several different days and time. That way i can see the full scope of the data for that one campaign and i do not have to copy and re-do an email blast for each time i send it. it will save time.

it would be wonderful it we could schedule a campaign to go out multiple times from ONE screen. Right now we have to copy, rename and schedule. Too many steps and a waste of time.

please add a feature where i can schedule one email for multiple dates at one time. please please please
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Hello, Has your service ever thought about creating additional schedule times (i.e. 4 dates/4 times) at once? We schedule things 8-12 weeks at a time, and it would be extremely helpful to be able to do multiple dates/times at once verses the current process.
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Hello - I have submitted this before, but it would much more helpful and less time consuming if you were able to set up a blast for 4 weeks at a time on the same screen. Our team sets up for 4-8 weeks in advance, and going in one by one takes far too much time.

I would like to be able to set up to 3 sending dates for a single campaign, with one schedule set up.


I took the webinar about automating emails. It was great. I would love to have a mechanism for automating the following as well:  If I create a newsletter campaign and want the same campaign to go out every other Monday, I would like to be able to order the system to do so. Instead I have to make multiple copies of the email and schedule them---very tedious.


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