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It's frustrating that I only have one welcome message. I'm running a campaign to download an e-book, but they won't get an immediate email with the download link. And I don't want everyone who signs up for my newsletter to get the e-book only a very specific list. Without this ability the Autoresponder feature is not fully built out.


Hi SteveS079

At this time 24 hours is the quickest you can have an email send to the contacts who join your Autoresponder list. Have you tried using the Welcome Email to get contacts the information you want them to have immediately? Thanks for your feedback on this!

It would be GREAT if the autoresponder for drip campaigns could be scheduled by the # of Minutes and Hours after signing up for an email list. This is especially important for the FIRST email. That would allow me to send an immediate email rather than my welcome email. I would also like the ability to set the TIME OF DAY the ongoing emails go out rather than it default to increments of 24 hours after signing up for my list. Thank you!
All other email programs allow a 0 day delivery option for autoresponders. If someone has requested a bonus report, book. etc, they don't expect to wait 24 hours to receive it. You either need to allow multiple Welcome emails with a link to the requested bonus or allow a 0 day option for sending the first autoresponder message.
It would be wonderful if the Autoresponder had different timelimits to respond - particularly, immediately. In the instance of a "sign up for our newsletter", our customers now wait an entire day before they see our "welcome to Locket" email which is much too long. You should have the ability to send an immediate response.
I am a Realtor - all the real estate coaches and consultants I deal with are "selling" clients on not using your service as you will not send the first em until the new em address is in your system for 24 hours - this is absurd !! and shows poor customer service i know about the welcome - half baked - poor quality em we can send - and even that has challenges - as it seems that a welcome em will not go out if the em address being added is in one of my existing contact lists - this is stupid too I will probably be changing to one of your competitors soon you policies make no sense at all - Steve H
ideally want the autorespond email to go back to anyone in less than 5 mins.....people are adding their name to our email list to get a response with a 20% off coupon so they can place an order right away.....

Hi, Can you please implement the following services: 1) I would like to have the ability to have a "Day 0" autoresponder email to send to my customers. In this way, we can customize the email, and thank them for registering for a specific program, and get them rolling right away. The way it is now, my customers register with the form, and then they don't hear anything from me for over 24 hours. In the meantime, they start writing me and calling me to ask if I got their registration information. This is challenging. I have been using 1shoppingcart until now, and I have always been able to send out a customized message on Day 0. 2) I would like to be able to send out more than one autoresponder message per day. 1shoppingcart allows you to send out as many emails you wish on any given day, but they aren't as pretty as yours. I don't like to overwhelm people with emails, but there are times when I need to send them more than one email per day (for organization purposes) after they purchase a series. 3) I would like to have the ability to launch a particular autoresponder series on a given date. Let's say I am beginning a program on Jan 1st and there are many people registering and adding themselves to my list between now and then. I would like to be able to tell the system, "ok, start sending everyone on this list - the day 0 or day 1 email - as of Jan 1st. This is not possible currently. 4) Last, when I view my list of emails, I always have to click on view all email lists to see all of my lists. Can you possibly add a scroll bar along the side of the box, so I can scroll to access the list I am looking for? It would be very helpful. Thanks for your help, Robin Duncan

Hi, We have hand entered people who have made a donation to us into an autoresponder series. In the ideal world (and aweber does this) the 1st message should go out immediately to thank them for their donation. I understand that since they have not opt-ed into a form this can't happen, but it has now delayed our thank you messages going out by 24 hours. Can't you provide an option for an instant email to go out as the 1st email in the autoresponder series?

We would like this feature too!!


Thanks for sharing this feedback, Robin!

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