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My genius idea is that your system status page should give an accurate status of your real time. That is the only purpose of this page. Today, March 2nd, your email editor isn't working. You're getting flooded with calls about it yet your system status page claims that everything is dandy and no issues. Why is that important? Because customers who are already inconvenienced by your system downtime are now further inconvenienced by being given inaccurate information. If your system status says all is well, then the natural conclusion would be there is something wrong with the customer's IT.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thank you for the feedback @seanc09,


Currently our Status Page is updated manually.  When we have an outage or a system issue it is typically either user reported or spotted by our NOC team.  Once we understand the issue and how it affects our customers we will update the Status Page, but will always include a timestamp for when we know the issue started.

I will voice your feedback to our teams to see if there are ways we can improve this process. 


April 3 - major problems updating an email campaign. Slow or no response on Constant Contact site. 


Sorry to hear you're running into issues @LisaG4530,


It doesn't appear we've experienced any widespread system issues today that we're aware of.  What kinds of issues are you having?  Let me know if you are still having those issues and I can have someone from our Support Team reach out.

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