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Would be great to have the option of inserting a translation button into email so clients could translate English text into Spanish!
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Some great feedback and use cases have been shared in this thread! Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain the importance of this feature within your organizations. We’ve compiled and discussed much of this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments happening, but we are continuing to share the feedback. We will mark this as Acknowledged and continue to keep this thread updated with any movement.

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I echo previous comments.  A translation option would significantly improve the reach and functionality of the CC platform.

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This is so important for inclusivity - I cannot understand why this is not a top priority!


Me too.  Constant Contact, we all need a translation capability!  Help us be more inclusive, and rock the world!



How come has a translate feature and Constant Contact does not?  Given the various communities our school serves - we might have to switch providers.  Is there any work being done on this? thanks!

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I'm new to my current position and inherited CC as our email marketing platform. We use the service to reach internal and external audiences who speak a variety of languages. Is there a translation solution coming or should I make the pitch for leaving CC for a different platform that has this tool already?


Given that this thread is five years old and has not been resolved — or even reasonably addressed — I will likely be joining many others here in making the pitch to change platforms for the organization. As a school, this is really not a negotiable issue, and we cannot wait indefinitely for a solution that is (apparently) not even in the works, given the lack of response.


I echo the sentiments of everyone from the last 5 years - this is a necessary service Constant Contact should offer. I would love to start a list of email platforms who do offer these services as I will be starting to look at different options if this isnt prioritized

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