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It would be nice to have a link made available for us to use for "Update Profile Form". Currently, there is only a link for "Sign-Up Form". If I want to send a message out to my database asking them to review and update their profile, I have to use the "Sign-Up Form" link which is miss-leading and requires our customers to sign up for the lists again before it recognizes them as already being in the system. Adding the "Update Profile Form" link to the sign up tools will allow us to place only the update info inside of a message and making the system easier or use and not confusing to the customers.

I need to verify the information I have for members, and it would be helpful to be able to take the form that is in the footer of emails and send it directly to the members. If it had a merge data feature and could pull what information is currently being used on the profile so they can then update accordingly would be very useful. It is difficult to get people to re-update the existing profile information if something as simple as a phone number changed. 

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This issue URGENTLY still needs to be addressed. This should be a BASIC function.

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Are you seriously telling me that this feature is not available?  


There should be a link that we can add to our Web Page and Facebook Page that allows people to view their Profile and make changes if necessary.   There is nothing in the can spam act that would prevent this from being 'another option' in addition to the footer.   

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It would be most useful to have a url where someone could update their profile information, such as email, name on file, or lists. I realize this is available for someone at the bottom of received emails, but what if they aren't receiving the email due to bounces, emails no longer used. Another area of great value for this feature is for social media reminders and email changes. For example, to maintain strong relationships with existing subscribers, I'd like to have a link on instagram or another network that says "update your newsletter preferences here". It also shows potential subscribers that they can access such benefits once they're a subscriber. Thanks!
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I agree completely! This function would be very helpful as we maintain good list hygiene. Please send notification when this capability is available.

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Is this ever going to be acted on? It seems like adding in the functionality is relatively simple and it would definitely be a welcomed improvement. Not sure why it seems to be dragging on for years.


Hi everyone,


At this time we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be available. We do however want to update the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. While we can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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Our nonprofit is now sending local campaign emails and needs lists by municipality within our geographic region. (We now require addresses for new subscribers, but have hundreds of legacy subscribers without an address.) Our latest "Update Profile" form now requires addresses, and we'd like to drive folks to make use of it. However, the tiny "Update Profile" link in the email footer is inadequate. 


This functional limitation of Constant Contact is clearly frustrating to many of us. I'm guessing there is a good reason why this feature — requested from 2015 to the present — has not been implemented. If, as it seems, Constant Contact isn't planning implementation, it would be nice if the organization could share its rationale, and perhaps put this question to rest. Thank you.

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We also get frustrated with the lack of progress and communication on what would outwardly seem as simple and valuable upgrade requests from their customers.

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