Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

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I really hate the fact that the thumbnails have disappeared!!
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I used to be able to see thumbnails of all my emails from the homepage. Not anymore. This does not improve my customer experience.
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what happened to the thumbnails? That was a great asset in jogging my memory as to which style of newsletter I wanted. Now I have to open a gazillion newsletters to find what I want. Also, why can't I print page?
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I found this to be very useful, so I could choose which one I wanted to copy and edit. Please bring them back on the list view.
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It would be nice to be able to scroll down in the preview to be able to see the whole email!

@themensrm wrote:
It would be nice to be able to scroll down in the preview to be able to see the whole email!



We have VERY long emails and I am always using the Preview mode when preparing something to send out. I am able to scroll just fine, no problems at all.


Not sure why you are having problems with the previews. When I select "Preview" I can scroll up and down, no problem. As to Thumnails, that's why they're called "Thumbnails" it's just a short snippet of the top part of the email. To read it in it's entirety, click on it. Easy to do.

This was a very helpful feature. I could quickly find a past campaign that was similar to the new one I was planning. I could then copy the past campaign, update it as needed, and send it out. It seems that the "new" Constant Contact only shows you the titles of past campaigns, and not the preview images.
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Totally agree...


Interesting how we went from messages of "Undergoing Normal Site Maintenance" to a total redesign of our interface.







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